​1.  ID- We require a picture ID before we will start a procedure. ​​Click here for more information regarding IDs

​​2. FoodEat at least 2 hours before your procedure.​ 

3. Be Sober- If we suspect you are under the influence of drugs/alcohol ​we will not work on you.

4. Pregnant or Breastfeeding? 

For obvious health & safety reasons, we will not pierce and/or tattoo any person whom has given birth OR has breast-fed in the last three (3) months.

Let your body (and Immune System!) recover and normalize before a body art procedure. This will insure quick healing and less chance of complications and/or infections.

5. Children- A body art shop may present mature themes, images, and language.

Children are not allowed in procedure areas and MUST  be supervised at all times so please plan accordingly.

Screaming kids or adults (ha!) will be asked to leave.

6. Minors- With the proper IDs/documents; We will pierce the earlobes of Children ages 10 & up. We do Basic Piercings on Minors ages 15-17.  We will NOT tattoo any person under 16 years of age.  

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Before any Body Art procedure*, please read & consider the following info...

*We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service