Dead RockStar

Body PIercing, Fine Body Jewelry, 

​& Electric Tattooing

I'm from Bemidji, MN. I moved to Fargo to pursue a career in body piercing. 

I began an apprenticeship at a sub-par store with inexperienced body piercers and decided to leave.

I joined Dead RockStar in the Spring of 2017 to continue my pursuit of body piercing and completing my apprenticeship. 

I have performed thousands of piercings throughout my apprenticeship and am at the tail end of it completing it! 

I have samples of my work below.

I love working with the body and trying the endless possibilities of various styles/types of body jewelry in various types of piercings!

I started piercing in the Spring of '99 . 

In my years of piercing, I have gained extensive experience and knowledge in

the field of body piercing.

I have attended many piercing conferences/seminars/classes put on by the Association of Professional Piercers (

I also had the honor to be a contributing author in the 2013 revised version of the "Association of Professional Piercers Procedure Manual" 

I'm well-versed in basic piercings, surface piercings, genital piercings

 as well as aftercare & the healing process, proper jewelry for specific anatomy, safe material to wear in piercings,

aseptic/sterile technique, & trouble-shooting body piercing issues.

I am CPR, First-Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen certified & member of the  Association of Professional Piercers

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Give the shop a call and book an appointment with me!

​​Expert Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, and Professional Tattooing

Dead RockStar