Courtney is from Bemidji, MN and moved to Fargo to pursue a career in body piercing.  

Courtney found her new home with us and we are happy to have her as part of our crew!

Courtney has racked up thousands of piercings in her time as a body piercer. Working with the body and seeing the endless possibilities of fine body jewelry in all types of piercings is what drives Courtney. She has a deep passion for piercing!

When she is not working, she hangs out with her lizard and she loves pizza and pineapple.... especially pineapple pizza!

​Check out some of her work below!


Body Piercing appointments take priority over walk-ins.

Skip the wait and call ahead to schedule!

We always have a piercer in*!

*Chuck & Courtney have different schedules. 

Please call for availability and let us know if you have a piercer preference when scheduling.

Piercing for over 18 years, Chuck  is experienced & educated with all body piercings from basic to surface  piercings, to genital piercings.

 He also is well-versed in aftercare, proper jewelry material/size, anatomy,

aseptic/sterile technique, and trouble-shooting body piercings and related issues.

Chuck is CPR, First-Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen certified & is a member, in good standing, with the Association of Professional Piercers.

From the history of modern body piercing to body jewelry that is appropriate to wear in new & healed piercings, Chuck takes his craft seriously and stands behind his service as well as the body jewelry that he sells.

​Check out samples of Chuck's work below.

Courtney's schedule varies so

please call for availability.

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Chuck's schedule varies so please call for available times if you are looking to book an

appointment with him.

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