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Below is a copy of our Tattoo Deposit Contract.


I,___________, have paid a deposit of $___ that will be applied towards the design described below.

I agree that any and all drawings remain the property of the artist and/or Dead RockStar.

I acknowledge that I forfeit my deposit if:

- I completely change the design and/or as a result need to reschedule my appointment

- I don't show up for my appointment

- I am more than 15 minutes late

- I cancel within 24 hours of my appointment*

- I cancel and do not wish to reschedule

- I reschedule more than 3 times

- I do not email my design to Dead RockStar at least 48 hours prior to my appointment 

I also acknowledge that, at the artist's discretion, part or all of this deposit may go towards drawing time.

This deposit is valid for 1 year.

It is non-transferable and non-refundable.

The balance for the procedure is due upon the end of the appointment/session.

A valid ID must be presented BEFORE any service will be performed.

This includes matching IDs/birth certificates from minors and parents.