Expert Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, and Professional Tattooing

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How does the quality and design of body jewelry affect the piercing itself?

To a certain degree, a Body Piercing is a wound that has healed in such a way so as to allow a

foreign object (body jewelry) to comfortably reside in the healed wound/tissue.


The quality, design, size, style, and material are very important factors to consider when choosing body jewelry.

The body jewelry worn in a fresh or healed piercing can make or break the piercing.

If the quality of body jewelry is very poor, it may also disrupt a piercing that has been healed for years!

We guarantee all of our body jewelry; including gemstones, opals, precious gems, etc.

Made of the highest quality materials available (implant grade and bio-inert), our jewelry will last a lifetime. And then some!


We only deal with reputable jewelry manufactured by  well-known and respected jewelry makers.

Expertly designed, master crafted and precision-made body jewelry will last a lifetime.

That's why we only carry the best! 

We proudly pierce with high-quality body jewelry from the most reputable

manufacturers in the body jewelry industry.