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Legal Guardians/Guardianship (minors):

We require an ID from the minor & the consenting guardian as well as copies of court documents that show proof of guardianship between the parent/guardian and minor.

We accept the following

forms of Valid ID:

-Driver's License

​-Driver's Permit

-ID card (State Issue)

-Tribal ID (w/ photo)


-Military ID

​​​​Minors, Parents, & Procedures...

1. We require the parent and minor to read and complete our consent form. The parent that signs consent must remain in the shop/procedure room during the entire procedure.

2. We require a copy of the minor's birth certificate as well as a valid photo ID from the minor & parent.

3. We will not tattoo minors on any part of the body that a bathing suit covers.

We will not perform genital, nipple, and/or dermals/surface piercings on minors.

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