Body Piercing Specials*

*Jewelry must be purchased.: Specials/discounts cannot be combined

Want a $15 Piercing*?

Courtney is taking appointments for

certain male and female genital piercings 

as she needs a few more to complete her apprenticeship.

(email Chuck for more info) 

*Jewelry must be purchased

"House Special" (2 for $40) 

2 basic body piercings for one service charge of $40 

Bring a friend and split the cost, that's only $20 each!

​"Rite of Passage"

On your 18th birthday,

we'll give you 50% off your service charge! 

Limit 2 piercings. 

If we are closed, we'll  honor this the next day we are open

"Piercing Punch Card"

Get 1 "punch" for every $10 you spend on anything Piercing related

(i.e. Service charge, jewelry, aftercare)  

Every 10 Punches will get you $10 off your next Visit!

We do Basic Piercings on Minors ages 15 and up. We will pierce the earlobes (no cartilage) on children ages 10 and up.

We require proper IDs & Parental Consent before any work on Minors.

​We DO NOT tattoo any person under the age of 16.

Expert Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, and Professional Tattooing

Dead RockStar

​Dead RockStar Fargo, ND Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, and Tattooing