We require a picture ID before we will perform any procedure. 

​This includes Minors as well as their parent(s).

​​ (more information on the bottom of this page)


Eat at least 2 hours before your procedure.

A body art procedure done on an empty stomach may cause faintness or sickness.​ 

Be Sober 

If we suspect you are under the influence of drugs/alcohol ​we will not work on you.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding? 

If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, and/or have recently given birth, we will not tattoo and/or pierce you.

We suggest waiting 3 months after giving birth and/or 3 months after completing breast-feeding before having a body art procedure done.

Your immune system is compromised and has gone through significant changes. 

This greatly increasing the chance of complications and infection(s) and so we suggest to give your body plenty of time to normalize.


A body art shop may present mature themes, images, and language.

Children are not allowed in procedure areas and MUST be closely supervised at all times.

Please respect the fact that we are putting permanent art on people and artist concentration is key.

Screaming, running,  and/or rude kids (and adults: ha!) will be asked to leave the shop.


We will pierce the lobes of children ages 8-14.

We require the child's birth certificate as well as the Parent's ID.

We will perform "Basic Piercings" (with a few exceptions) on Minors ages 15-17.

We require the minor's birth certificate, the minor's picture ID as well as the Parent's picture ID.

We will tattoo Minors (some restrictions on body placement) ages 16-17.

We require the minor's birth certificate, the minor's picture ID as well as the parent's picture ID.


We do not allow any children in or near procedure areas. This is for their safety, our safety, and our client's safety.

We do not allow any unsupervised children in the shop so please plan accordingly if you are coming in for an appointment.

Unsupervised, disruptive, screaming, running children (and their parents) will be asked to leave.

Please note that although children are welcome in the shop, they may be exposed to adult themes, language, imagery, and/or discussions.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone, for Any Reason, Anytime.

Are you coming to us for a body art procedure?

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