Manufactured in the United States and 

composed of implant grade materials, with expert attention to detail, and high-polished to a mirror finish, our fine body jewelry is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Our quality body jewelry will not irritate skin/tissue. There is no nickel-plating and/or substandard material present in any of our body jewelry. Our jewelry is bio-inert,

bio-compatible and safe for long-term wear.

Dead RockStar

​​Expert Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, and Professional Tattooing

​Dead RockStar

Body PIercing, Fine Body Jewelry,

& Electric Tattooing

We do not list jewelry prices because it is impossible to show you the quality of our body jewelry by telling you a number.

You must see it first-hand so that you are able to see the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each individual piece.

If you want good-looking, quality body jewelry that you know will last a lifetime, then you have found the right place for all of your body jewelry needs.

Guaranteed quality that is sure to last!