Dead RockStar

We guarantee our body jewelry to be free of manufacturer's defects.

We only work with implant grade materials. Great for those with skin sensitivities!

Our gems, opals and stones are press-fit, not glued, into place.

​Dead RockStar

Body PIercing, Fine Body Jewelry,

& Electric Tattooing

We only work with internally and/or threadless body jewelry.

This type of body jewelry is the industry standard for new, as well as healed, body piercings. 

The design will not irritate skin/tissue when being inserted or removed.

For this reason, we will not insert externally threaded ("mall") jewelry in any body piercing. 

Take care of your body and your piercing by wearing quality body jewelry!

We do not list jewelry prices as it is impossible to see the quality

of our body jewelry by telling you a number.

You must see it first-hand to appreciate the

craftsmanship and quality that goes into each individual piece.

Why buy sub-par jewelry that you'll end up replacing 

time and time again because of poor design?

Buy quality the first time!