Dead RockStar

​Dead RockStar

Body PIercing, Fine Body Jewelry,

& Electric Tattooing

We guarantee our body jewelry to be free of manufacturer's defects.

We only work with implant grade materials such as titanium, niobium, and 14K gold to name a few.

Great for sensitive skin! Our gems, opals and stones are pressed, not glued, for a lifetime of wear!

We only work with internally and/or threadless body jewelry.

This type of body jewelry is the industry standard for new, as well as healed, body piercings. 

The design will not irritate skin/tissue when being inserted or removed.

We do not sell and/or will not insert any externally threaded body jewelry in anyone.

Externally threaded body jewelry tends to be sub-par quality and often contains high amounts of nickel which may cause irritation, allergic reaction, and possibly a rash in/on/around a piercing.

Often found in "that place in the mall", kiosks, chain stores

(i.e. Hot Topic, Spencer's, etc.), discount body jewelry sites to name a few.

This is often the case being that the jewelry is cheap to make and easy to turn a high profit.

If you buy quality body jewelry from a reputable piercer/shop and care for the jewelry as suggested, it will last you a lifetime and then some.

Buy quality the first time to save money in the long run.

We do not list prices for individual jewelry pieces as we offer a

variety of styles, materials, designs, opals, gems, and stones

in various settings and colors.


However, an average price, per piece of jewelry, is generally in the range of $20-55.

Depending on the material and/or design, (i.e. solid 14K Gold and precious gems) 

the price may vary.

Remember to check your jewelry/beads often to insure that everything is secure!