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Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry & Electric Tattooing

Electric Tattooing

by Professional Artists

​​Expert Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, and Professional Tattooing

Professional Body Piercing

Dead RockStar

Eyebrow Microblading

​at Sugarbrow Suite!

(located within Dead RockStar)

Call Lisa for more information  

(701) 306-5122​

Tattoo Rates

We will NOT tattoo anyone under 16 years of age

Our shop minimum is $65

​Our tattoo artists price by the piece/placement on the body

Feel free to send them any


and they can give you a time/price estimate.

Click here to contact an artist and view portfolios & bios

Body Piercing Service Charges

Does not include the cost of body jewelry

Set of Earlobes$35 

(As of January 1st, 2019, we will pierce children's earlobes ages 8 and up)

Basic Piercing - $30

 nostril, navel, cartilage/helix, daith,

tragus, rook, septum, nipple, eyebrow, tongue, lip, labret, philtrum

​​Dermals/Surface Piercings - $50

​​Genital Piercing- Service Charges vary

depending on the piercing(s)

For more info contact chuck@deadrockstar.net

Dermal Removal - $15 

Taper Service - $15

Jewelry Change/Bead Insert- $5*

*We will change jewelry in basic body piercings free of charge

so long as it is purchased here

(at the time of purchase only)