Contact Lisa to set up an appointment or

​if you are looking for more info.

Tattoo Rates

We will NOT tattoo anyone under 16 years of age

Our shop minimum is $65

​Our artists price by the piece and/or placement on the body. Feel free to contact them directly here for more info or if you are looking for a price/time estimate.

Check those portfolios too!

Make sure your artist has a style similar to what you are looking to have done.

​Dead RockStar

Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry & Electric Tattooing

Dead RockStar

Professional Body Piercing & Electric Tattooing

Body Piercing Service Charges

Does not include the cost of body jewelry

Set of Earlobes*$35 

*children: ages 8 and up

Basic Piercing - $30

 nostril, navel, cartilage/helix, daith,

tragus, rook, septum, nipple, eyebrow, tongue, lip, labret, philtrum

​​Dermals/Surface Piercings - $50

If you are looking for more than dermal/surface peircing,

we offer a price break on the service charge

Email Chuck for more info: chuck@deadrockstar.net


​​Genital Piercing- We do a variety of genital piercings.

The Service Charge(s) vary based on the piercing

as well as the jewelry selected.

Please keep in mind that individual anatomy varies and not everyone is suited for every type of genital piercing.

Our experienced piercers can offer insight to which piercings will/will not work for people based on their anatomy.

Dermal Removal* - $15

*If the dermal/jewelry is emebedded in the skin/tissue

there may be an additional charge of $30 

Taper Service - $15

Jewelry Change/Removal/Insertion- $5*

*When you purchase jewelry from us we will change it for you free of charge on the date of purchase! Excludes genital piercings.