Dead RockStar

Body Piercing, Fine Body Jewelry, 

​& Electric Tattooing

Legal Guardians/Guardianship (minors):

We require picture ID from the minor and the guardian as well as court documents that show proof of guardianship.

​​​​​MINORS:  Required IDs/Documents

Age 8-14 (earlobes only): 

A copy of the child's birth certificate and the parent's picture ID

(the parent giving consent must be listed on the minor's birth certificate)

Age 15-17 (basic piercings only) 

Age 16-17 (tattoos): 

Minor's picture ID & Birth Certificate

(i.e. driver's permit, license, identification card)

& Parent's ID

(the parent giving consent must be listed on the minor's birth certificate)

The above ID/Documents must be presented BEFORE

any body art procedure.

The parent is required to stay in the shop/procedure area 

for the duration of the procedure.

Dead RockStar

We accept the following forms of Valid ID:

Driver's License​/Permit

ID card (State Issue)

Tribal Photo ID


Military ID